Ear training game

An easy-to-use musical ear trainer that uses a unique method to teach you absolute or perfect pitch, which is the ability to name any note played, without the aid of the reference note required by musicians with only relative pitch. The software works by presenting notes in an atonal, rather than tonal, context to reduce the possibility of using relative pitch. You learn a particular note by listening to a random sequence that includes the note. Whenever the note is played, your aural recognition is reinforced by visual stimuli that serve to connect the sound of the note with its name and position on the piano keyboard. When you are confident that you know the note well enough, you can proceed to take a test. With its resizable seven-octave piano keyboard, the software can also be used to play music using either your mouse or computer keyboard.

Would you like to be able to play anything you hear or think effortlessly, without mistakes and without hesitation?

In other words, would you like to be a play-by-ear master? A play-by-ear master is a musician who can say:

"If I can HEAR it, I can PLAY it.

If I can THINK it, I can PLAY it."

Would you like to be like that? Would you like to be able to listen to a melody, lick, bass line, etc. and then play it back without mistakes right on the first try?

If you play any instrument and you want to improve, you probably appreciate how useful and how enjoyable such a skill would be!

In fact, do you ever get angry about it? Do you ever think like.

I want to be able to play anything I want, anything I hear or think, naturally and effortlessly, without mistakes and hesitations. I wasn't born with a Mozart brain, but there must be a way to learn! How can I learn? HOW? The truth is that yes, you can dramatically develop your ear and your playing skills to a dramatically higher level, but you need to do three things:

Discover a smart learning strategy. Use an effective training tool. Actually take action and do it!

Practicing scales, trying to copy songs by ear, music theory, etc. -- all these things are fine, but they don't really develop your ear as thoroughly and directly as you want and need. The world is full of people who played for years but cannot hear 5 notes and play them back without first fumbling around for a while.

If that's your situation, or if you simply want to improve and refine your ear and musical ability to the highest degree possible, I invite you to discover and experience the power of the Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer (GBET) software.

GBET is a complete ear-training software especially designed for guitar, bass and other fretboard instrument players.

GBET is based on a smart and sophisticated learning strategy, and provides you a real-life, play-along training environment in which your musical ear and playing skills can grow at an amazing speed.

GBET is fun as a videogame. Motivating as a personal teacher. Effective as a super-learning lab. Groovy as your best jam session.

If you really want to bring your playing to a whole new level, let the Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer guide you, step by step, all the way to the point where you will be able to say, "Anything I can hear or think, I can play".


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