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Download online music free game 50k. Your child can read music notes easily and quickly. 

Somehow, keyboard players have missed out. Traditional piano lessons have focused on reading notes from sheet music. While reading is important, it's not the whole musical picture. By the time piano lessons are done, most students can read, but if the notes aren't written down, they can't play their way out of a paper bag. Sound familiar? Note online free teacher. Music online games are a powerful tool for absolute beginners or seasoned players who would like to music.

How to develop listening?

Listening basically refers to hearing attentively. Listening is the first step towards learning any language. Some of the basic online ear training principles involved in designing such problems is as follows:

  1. Provide learners opportunity to listen to different compositions in the language in the form of Stories, Songs, Conversation, Prose Speech.
  2. Initially use materials linked to the learning style of the learner.
  3. Gradually increase the length of the composition for listening.
  4. Use audio or videocassettes to facilitate listening in the larger group.
  5. Gradually, complexity of problems should be enhanced by asking questions without telling the area from before.
  6. Initially learners may be told the area of questioning to follow the listening exercise.


Listen and repeat

Listen and repeat music. Free online music flash game. Learn how to read music notes step by step, fast or slowly. Learn about music symbols. Listen to a music note, try to recognize it, and win points if you do! Easy to customize, this ear training computer game lets you learn at your own pace.

Learning how to read musical notes and sheet music you can online and easy by this software and program. Note online teacher help to learning, practicing, enhancing abilities of reading musical notes. It emphasizes, motivation, repetition, differentiated corrections as learning methods. It can be adjusted to impose tasks from differentiating two notes (absolute beginner kids) to full 6 octave note range in both clefs.

This educational games for children and adults can now learn music the fun way! Wrong answers corrections are optional, and can be adjusted to any combination of picture correction and voice correction. Kids motivation could be increased in "cheering up" mode, and by symbolic cartoon prizes at the end of good done test. All exercises are recorded in separated text file, and could be used for tracking reading ability progress. This is educational online software game. It is a true computer game with all the bells and whistles. It both entertain and educate, and make boring music education and solfege a thing of the past.

If you are a parent or music teacher with children taking piano lessons, then this online software can help you. Learn how to read music. Regardless of age, you can learn how to read music notes quickly and efficiently. If you are a teacher, it is the ideal teach ware. You can use online software as musical reading exercises for your students or to make examinations with automated corrections. Note teacher has already been tested by students of different ages and their level of reading progressed in a radical way.

Music texts

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You  will learn to understand a tone or chord by ear. Piano keyboard lessons that allow to get play now. Absolutely free. You can download it on you computer and play offline. Ear-training software for immediate download. Easy way to improve musical ear. Ear training and improvisation non professional's choice. Make learning music for fun with free online software.


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