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What is Letter Chase typing software?

Letter Chase Typing Tutor is a complete typing program for all levels. Letter Chase touch typing software runs on all versions of Windows and works on most networks. With Letter Chase, it has never been easier to learn to type! Beginners to touch typing are guided by animated hands to learn the keys. Even young kids can learn the keyboard with Letter Chase, making it ideal for schools and educational institutions (many elementary and high schools are Letter Chase users), as well as corporate training (keypad training included with the program). Experts learn how to become masters of speed typing. Home computer users also benefit from learning the touch type method. No more hunt and peck, two finger typing. Within days you can memorize the qwerty keyboard and go on to developing kids speed. Letter Chase Typing Tutor is a master at teaching speed typing. Two unique lessons will have you up to speed faster than any of the other typing courses, and with greater accuracy. We call them "Word Sweep" and "Letter Chase." Download for a 30 day free trial!


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You can download free the latest version of Letter Chase. You will need Windows 95/98/2000/XP and a Pentium or faster computer.


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For Modern Computers using higher screen resolutions, it is better that you download Advanced Speed Typing below. All the beginner's Lessons are included with Advanced Speed Typing.


This version of Advanced Speed Typing requires a 800x600 screen resolution or higher, Windows 95/98/2000/XP and a Pentium class computer.


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With Our Touch-Typing Software Anyone Can Quickly Learn Touch Typing Quickly! Learn Typing with the Best Learn to type software!


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