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Advanced Speed Typing is virtually the same as Letter Chase Typing Tutor (ranked #9) except that a few screens in Letter Chase have new customization options. This program is an older version from DR Software.

A complete list of features and side-by-side comparisons are available on the HomePage.

Ease of Use:
Advanced Speed Typing has good on-screen instructions to help you navigate, otherwise finding your way around in Advanced Speed Typing would be difficult. The testing section is also confusing because it is a blank, uninviting screen—it's tough to know how to start.

Feature Set:
This typing software has eight lessons that teach the typing basics. After mastering these, students move to the beginner section for typing drills to increase speed and accuracy. Then, typists move work on progressively harder drills in the intermediate and advanced levels.

Advanced Speed Typing includes two beginner games for basic skills practice: Letter Chase and Word Sweep. These games display text for your child to type within a time limit. We feel the program would be more effective with more games.

Children measure their typing skills in the testing area. Results are viewed on bar graphs; these test results doesn't spell out which fingers or hands need improvement, but simply graphs how well the typist is doing on each character or letter.

In Advanced Speed Typing, you can adjust the timing, sound, and background color to suit your fancy, so this typing software allows for limited customization.

Advanced Speed Typing does not have a library of practice articles, but the program does have 10-line drills and you can add your own practice materials by typing them into the program.

Ease of Installation:
We had not trouble installing Advanced Speed Typing.

The help section in Advanced Speed Typing is a tutorial that guides typists on each portion of the program. This typing software also offers an index/search feature so that you can find information quickly. D R Software offers a customer service email address also.

Advance Speed Typing by D R Software is supposed to be for the whole family, but younger children will need help to navigate and decipher test results.

A complete list of features and side-by-side comparisons are available on the Typing for Kids Software


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