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Speed Typing: Software of the Month

Although the term "boilerplate" text has a pejorative connotation, not many
sentences or paragraphs brim with illuminating originality. Much of the
time standard and boringly repetitive responses are the order of the day,
particularly in business use. To minimize keyboarding activity, increase
productivity and simply to save time and reduce errors, a program which
will do some of the mundane typing can quickly become indispensable.

Speed Typing v.1.40, for the Windows platform, a liteware version of a
commercial product from Two Pilots software, offers to do just that.
Working in any text editor, the program allows the user to compose
frequently used text and have Speed Typing do the work by simply assigning
a keyboard shortcut to it. From street addresses to typical correspondence
closures such as,

"I remain, as always,
Your humble and obedient servant,
I.M.A. Crawler"

the application can eliminate some of the drudgery from reproducing
repetitive text. For those who must regularly compose text containing the
same technical or specialized information, from that clam dip recipe to
nuclear shutdown procedures, Speed Typing can duplicate the required
paragraphs with just a few user defined keystrokes which may be alphabetic,
numeric or a combination of the two.

The procedure for setting up the boilerplate text in the application is a
model of simplicity. Users can initially insert the text by the usual
copy/paste method, define their own mnemonic triggering keystrokes and
decide upon how they want the program to respond -- the clipboard method is
amazingly fast -- as well as selecting the "keyboard reaction", such as a
space or punctuation mark. This option is desirable to avoid having Speed
Typing swing into action if the user defined keystrokes are part of a word.

The application maintains a clipboard file of the last 15 items used,
easily accessible from a right click on the system tray icon and an
excellent help file leaps to the fore upon the program's first launch.

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