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Exercises for the lucidity of mind narration

The saying “Unclearness of the thoughts is unclearness of the narration” is widely known, though not everything is so poor. Any kind of mess can be swept up by putting everything in order.

If we need to put the table in order we sort out the papers, look through them, place them into the different files. We dust the table and some time later the order is restored.

The similar method can be applied to putting the mind in order.

I, for example, combine putting my thoughts in order with composing the articles. I do it in the following way:

  • I outline a plan or just thoughts, associated with the subject. (  I just put down everything that comes into can be expressed by two words)
  • I make up a paragraph on every thought.
  • I read the text and imagine what came out of the said “mess”.
  • I formulate the subject of the article more precisely
  • I systematize the texts and throw out everything that is not in line with the subject.
  • I return several times to the text to arrange the “flow of the text”.

This is a simple method of putting your thoughts in order.  

Tips for increasing reading speed

  • As the eyes move across the page they make a series of jerky movements. Whenever they come to rest on a word that is called a fixation. Most people fixate once on each word across a line of print.
  • Take in more words with each fixation. Try to avoid focusing at groups of 2 to 3 words. For instance, this sentence could be grouped in this manner:
    for instance / this sentence / could be grouped / in this manner
  • Make our eyes move faster.
  • Familiarize yourself with new words so you don't get stuck on them when you read them again. Work on vocabulary improvement.
  • If you find yourself moving your lips when reading, force yourself to read faster so that you can no longer move your lips.
  • Read more! 10-20 minutes a day of reading an average size novel equals 18 books a year at an average reading speed!
  • Determine your purpose before reading. If you only need main ideas, then allow yourself to skim the material. Don't feel you must read very word.
  • There are several books on increasing reading speed available in most bookstores. If you are serious about increasing your rate you may want to work systematically through one of these books.
  • Have your eyes checked. Before embarking on a speed reading program, make sure that any correctable eye defects you may have are taken care of by checking with your eye doctor. Often, very slow reading is related to uncorrected eye defects.
  • Divide a sentences into shorter fragments while you read.


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