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Read the words back to front
(Exercise on the thoughts concentration)

Ability to concentrate the mind on the problem is a part of the successful work. You can training the ability of concentration by reading the words from back to front.

When you read a word back to front you should image it by the letters and after to read letters. For example the word “word” you can to read as “drow”, “tell’ – “llet”. If your consciousness mind is distracted on a some different object, you will loose the thread of reading and need to make this exercise again. In this way you can train your attention and concentration ability.

Begin with the simple words consisting of four letters. Gradually try to deal with longer words.

Tips for increasing reading speed

  • How will you use what you find? Identify the weave of the text:
  • Underline the author�s explanation of the main points. (Often, but not always, a writer will tell an engaged reader where the text is going.)
  • Underline each major new claim that the author makes in developing the text and write "claim 1," "claim 2," and so on in the margin.
  • Circle major point, of transition from the obvious (subtitles) to the less obvious (phrases like however, on the other hand, for example, and so on).
  • Asterisk major pieces of evidence like statistics or stories or argument note in the margin the kind of evidence and its purpose, for example, "story that illustrates claim."
  • Write "conc." in the margin at points where the writer draws major conclusions. Locate passages and phrases that trigger reactions.
  • Put a question mark next to points that are unclear and note whether you need more information or the author has been unclear or whether the passage just sounds unreasonable or out-of-place.
  • Put an exclamation point next to passages that you react to strongly in agreement, disagreement, or interest.
  • Attach a post-it note next to trigger passages and write a brief reaction as you read.
  • Have your eyes checked. Before embarking on a speed reading program, make sure that any correctable eye defects you may have are taken care of by checking with your eye doctor. Often, very slow reading is related to uncorrected eye defects.
  • Divide a sentences into shorter fragments while you read.

Do you need Speed reading skills?

As Woody Allen said: "I took a software in speed reading once. I was able to read War and Peace in 10 minutes! It's about Russia."

Thought I'd add a little humor, :-).



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