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80% -20% rate

What does 80% comprehension mean? That you understand 80% of the words you read? 80% of the concepts? 80% of the sentences? That you could repeat back 80% of the words?

Get 80% of the information in 20% of the time by simply reading the title, subtitle, bold type, last paragraph and first paragraph--spend only 30-45 seconds. Then reflect on the relevance of the information for you. If it is important to read more, go to the next step. Otherwise, find another article.

Take 1-2 minutes to skim through the article to find the core idea. Know what is being expressed. Do you need more details? If not, find another article.

Read lightly and flexibly. Know what you need. Slow down to fulfill your purpose, answering questions that are most important to you. Since very few words carry the meaning, speed up to pass redundant or useless information.

Habitually returning to what is already read, that usually decreases the speed of reading, no longer happens. Reading each word individually becomes unnecessary because skillful fast readers do not individualize the text when reading at high speeds. You become accustomed to grasping a whole word or a group of words at one glance. In this way you activate your peripheral vision facilities. You study how to read without haste, because the program responds to the speed you have chosen and does not react to your haste.

Do you need Speed reading skills?

I tried Evelyn Wood speed reading years ago: total waste of time. I sent away for the Speed reading self teaching system (which uses your computer to train you to grab large chunks and see larger amounts in your peripheral vision) about two years ago and found it instantly rewarding. I'd say my speed doubled, more or less, by the second lesson, ridiculous as that sounds. There is a one-minute refresher that you leave permanently on your computer to use before reading a book if you haven't run the program in a while, which is very effective.
I think the whole method (and most speed reading) is most effective for those of us who "sub-vocalized" (read each word to ourselves, as if we were reading aloud).



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