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Where you are reviewing this sort of document, an effective technique is to compile your own table of contents headings before you open the document. You can then use this table of contents to read the document in the order that you want.

When you are reading a document, such as a company report, which purports to give an overall analysis of a subject, it is easy to accept the writer's structure of thought, and miss the fact that important information has been omitted or that irrelevant detail has been included.

Using this technique will allow you to spot where important information is missing or has been obscured, and helps you to avoid trivia. If the writer has a better knowledge of the structure of the topic, this helps you to recognize and adjust your initial view of the best structure.

Do you need Speed reading skills?

I found the book "Break Through Rapid Reading" to be very helpful. The important lesson to learn is that there's no such thing as "speed reading," per se. It can more accurately be described as "smart reading" -- learning where to skip sentences, paragraphs, pages, and chapters where unnecessary. A lot of the so-called "secret" to speed reading is just learning what you don't have to read.

The finger trick really helps, though. I second that.

 it hasn't ruined me for leisure reading (as an author I have to keep up with my genre) because it lets me take in books really quickly and decide which ones to re-read. My favorite book has been read 30+ times now. :-)



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