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Speed reading ability inside of you!

Awac> My name is David Mahoney and I live in Melbourne,
Awac> Australia!

Awac> I was "surfing the internet" for information on "speed
Awac> reading" and came across your software and then your
Awac> web-site!

Awac> Firstly I want to thank you for offering FREE speed reading
Awac> software to us all...that is very generous of you I believe!

Awac> I know that your free software program will help me read
Awac> much faster while I am on the computer, but I mainly want
Awac> be able to read books much faster, so my question here
Awac> is:

Awac> Will using your "computer based" software program
Awac> actually speed up my reading of printed books?

Thank you for the letter

The speed reading ability inside of you!

Software can help to understand how you are read. All other work you
will do yourself!

Notice how do you read the sentence. How do you read the words (all of them or not).

Speed reading software can't help to read computer or paper book.
It can help to understand mentally process.

If you want to speed read you need the next:
- Stop vocalization
- Read not every words
- Have purpose of reading

I am author of bestseller book "Speed-reading is Shaman" (in Russian
language). I want translate it in to English.

If you want I can send you for test my software speed reading software. It will be 10
computer based trainings.

The main problem for me is correct translation from Russian to English.


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