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How to speed reading?

Speed reading is not reading faster. Speed reading is about learning to use much more of the powers of the mind. Magic Speed reading software is ideal for children, high school students, college and university students, business people, professionals, clerical staff, recreational readers, executives, and sales people. Speed readers who want to learn new speed reading techniques to be able to read at accelerated reading rates can also use speed reading software.

People often read and comprehend a tremendous amount of material. Being able to read rapidly is an important skill that will make schoolwork easier, as well as help you advance in your career. Most speed read methods are based on skim reading and in reading groups of words method. It takes discipline and a mind-set to become a speed reader.

Please, answer the questions:

  • Are you reading more and more these days but remembering less?
  • Have you ever found yourself reading the same paragraph, over and over?
  • Does it take hours to plow through the mountain of e-mail, correspondence and reports that land on the table each day?
  • Don�t you wish you could just speed read everything faster, retain it longer and understand it the first time around?
  • Speed Reading can make reading a much more enjoyable experience, by

  • Reducing eye strain,
  • Increasing understanding of the flow of a document,
  • Reducing the time needed to assimilate it.
  • Reducing skip-back
  • Reducing fixation time
  • Expanding the fixation Zone

This will help a reader to hold attention on long document, extracting information from it that would otherwise be neglected. Click here for instant download access to the learning and study skills program that will change your life.

Discover the revolutionary new learning software that will dramatically enhance your ability to read, store, process and output any kind of information. Imagine being able to read as fast as you can turn the pages, take notes as fast as a person can speak, remember vast amounts of information easily, and radically improve the ability to concentrate and perceive things that other people overlook.

Does speed reading ruin the enjoyment of reading?

No. If anything, speed reading enhances the enjoyment of reading. The reason: greater concentration for longer periods, supported by fewer reading irritations. Speed reading allows you to read at closer to your thinking speed.




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