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Magic speed reading software

Anybody can charge reading skills. It's not magic. it's just a matter of practicing the proper techniques. You too, can read a book in an hour. This software will teach you a new reading technique that promises to improve speed reading efficiency to an unbelievable extent.

Benefits of magic speed reading software

Speed reading techniques gives grate benefits:

  • Stay alert while speed reading save time by speed reading.
  • Increase memory capabilities.
  • Manage time more efficiently by reading essential information in half the time.
  • Read it faster. Absorbing  and perception more information into short term memory.
  • Read more easily with better understanding
  • Increase productivity, invent whole new perspectives and approaches in life.
  • The eyes have to do less work.
  • Upgrade to new levels of personal performance.
  • Increase comprehension, attention span and analytical skills.
  • Know what you�re reading.
  • Enhance your intuition and develop your true potential.
  • Create more time in your day.
  • Move yourself into a bright future.
  • Get through information at least three times faster.
  • Process and retain information quickly and effectively.
  • Read at a rate of 1000 to 3000 words per minute.
  • Large volumes of information can be assimilated rapidly.
  • Improve human memory and sharpen concentration
  • Better writing and communication skills, "getting to the heart of the matter" quickly and accurately.

Know what you�re Reading

Learn speed reading. Comprehend, use human memory better and set goals. Just like the training in our executive softwares and workshops, you�ll be fast and accurate. Reading speed with comprehension helps with sales, school education, career and anything you study. Whatever challenges you face, there�s written material to help with success.

Magic speed reading software is taught at many people. When you have completed the Magic speed reading software, you'll breeze through magazines, texts, books, emails, reports, memos, class assignments, and instructional manuals in less than half the time as before.

You increase comprehension of the printed materials. The opportunities this incredible skill opens up for you are virtually unlimited in almost every area of life: professionally, academically, socially, spiritually, and recreationally.


The Magic speed reading software will teach you read faster

  • How to establish current rate of reading.
  • How to read newspapers and periodicals with high speed and efficiency.
  • How to increase comprehension through reading with "purpose."
  • How to use mind-mapping techniques to cultivate greater precision and creativity in thinking
  • What naturally speed readers do and don't do.
  • How to track progress and continue to sharpen the skills.

There's nothing magic about achieving significant improvement in reading speed, but it takes a great deal of hard work, self-discipline, and sometimes monotonous reinforcement to make new reading habits become as comfortable as old ones. If all of the individual variables mentioned in the preceding paragraphs are at adequate levels, most adults read slowly because

(1) they don't concentrate exclusively on what they read and, consequently, have to reread unnecessarily;

(2) they habitually read slowly and have crystallized their perceptual-mental processes at reading speeds far below their ultimate capacities; and

(3) they tend to read word-by-word and to vocalize (say words aloud) as they read. But poetry and drama are written to be vocalized; some sentences and paragraphs are so intricate that even excellent readers must reread them several times for clear understanding; and, when time and purpose permit, it's often more enjoyable to read lazily. The University of Texas Learning Center takes all of these factors into consideration in developing its rate improvement softwares.

So what about speed? Some have increased their beginning speed more than ten-fold -- on some kinds of material when reading for some purposes. But some students haven't even doubled their speed on other materials. We can't guess how many "words per minute" you'll be reading when you finish the software, and we make no guarantees. If you've read this entire explanation, you should have some understanding of the problem involved in trying to quote such figures for you. It all depends on who you are (intellectually, physiologically, and psychologically), what you're reading, why you're reading it, how hard you work, and how you define "reading" in the first place.

Can anybody learn to speed read?

Yes! You can speed read right now! Try to read interesting book and your speed will up.



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