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The possibilities of Magic speed reading software.

Magic speed reading makes speed reading comfortable and pleasant. With its help you will be able to:

  • Open and read files saved in any text format.
  • Read texts in a fast mode or read and edit them using the simple program editor.
  • Work with the most comfortable font and background.
  • Read and listen to music at the same time.
  • Choose length of the line and time of view.
  • Choose number of lines.
  • Use the mode of division and delay of lines according to punctuation marks.
  • Continue reading from the position you finished.
  • Remove hyphen marks in the text.
  • Estimate speed of reading (in marks per minute or in words per minute).
  • Note the time of speed reading or the entire operating time.
  • Use automatic suspension of reading at the moment the other application becomes active.

What is the speed reading record?

Unfortunately, there is no standard international speed and comprehension test. Reading material varies in complexity, type face, print quality, grammar, style all influence reading speed. Worse still, tests for comprehension and understanding are subjective.  Consequently, no individual or organization can lay a legitimate claim to a world record. Be careful of softwares that claim to teach you to read at "thousands" of words per minute.


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