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Magic speed reading software description

Time is money. Time and money are not free. The more time is saved, the more can be applied to more important, or interesting endeavors. It seems like no matter how quickly we learn to do something. It can never be done quickly enough. Use speed reading software for improvement your speed reading rate.

Save Time. Most people spend 2-4 hours per day reading for work. E-mail, reports, web-searching, trade magazines, manuals, etc. What if you could re-gain one hour or more a day? What if you could cut your information input or reading to a fraction of the time you now spend? How much is that worth to you?

The Magic speed reading software includes the most effective techniques ever developed for increasing reading speed and comprehension. Speed reading aims to improve reading skills by: increasing the number of words read in each block; reducing the length of time spent reading each block, and reducing the number of times your eyes skip back to a previous sentence.

Magic speed reading software nor is it a big expensive mystery. Professional speed reading classes simply teach a handful of easy techniques that help a person focus his or her attention better. The eye is drawn to motion. Speed reading techniques put that motion on the page.

We all know how to read, but we don�t all know how to read fast. It is a learned technique and is quite hard to master. If you put time and practice in to learning how to speed read you will soon be able to read faster than ever.

In order to read speed you have to teach yourself not to actually read the words. If you catch yourself actually mouthing the words as you go along this is the main reason for slow readers. You cannot mouth the words, because this means you can only read as fast as you talk. You definitely want to read faster than you speak.

Think of reading like you do a muscle, the more you read, the better you get at it, the faster you're going to read. And we have a great capacity for reading faster. We aren't even scraping the surface of how fast we can read.

The Magic speed-reading software teaches you in your own materials and emphasizes reading comprehension improvement as well as speed reading skills. It also includes the most effective, time saving methods for business and technical reading in work and professional materials, both printed and online. It also teaches the most effective study, note taking, test taking and memory retention methods for middle school, high school, college and graduate level students.

Download  the Magic speed reading software. This program can change your life. Also you can learn to read quickly.

The role of speed in the reading

Research has shown a close relation between speed and understanding. For example, in checking progress charts of thousands of individuals taking reading training, it has been found in most cases that an increase in rate has been paralleled by an increase in comprehension, and that where rate has gone down, comprehension has also decreased. Although there is at present little statistical evidence, it seems that plodding word-by-word analysis (or word reading) inhibits understanding.

There is some reason to believe that the factors producing slow reading are also involved in lowered comprehension. Most adults are able to increase their rate of reading considerably and rather quickly without lowering comprehension. These same individuals seldom show an increase in comprehension when they reduce their rate. In other cases, comprehension is actually better at higher rates of speed. Such results, of software, are heavily dependent upon the method used to gain the increased rate. Simply reading more rapidly without actual improvement in basic reading habits usually results in lowered comprehension.

Read and enjoy

Magic speed reading can make reading a much more enjoyable experience, by reducing eye strain, increasing understanding of the flow of a document, and by reducing the time needed to assimilate it. This will help a reader to hold attention on a long document, extracting information from it that would otherwise be neglected.

How fast can speed readers read?

Permanent speed readers can read comfortably at speeds of between 800wpm and 900wpm, without any constant practice and drilling. Speed readers, who constantly practice the skill over long periods of time, can reliably achieve speeds of around 2000 wpm. Natural speed readers can exceed these speeds.


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