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Increasing your vocabulary will improve your reading speed.

In my opinion, this is the single most important requisite for reading. Use a dictionary to look up any words you don't know. If you don't understand a key term or two, the work quickly becomes incomprehensible. Unfortunately, the only way to acquire a decent vocabulary is by reading. However, reading alone will not help. 

It may be quite a learning curve at the get-go, but soon you won't need to use the darned thing at all, especially as words start to acquire meaning through context.

Sign up for a speed-reading software or seminar ' many are available. Pare down your office reading to include only the most essential items. For example, try assigning subordinates to sift through material and mark only what is relevant so that you have a reduced reading list.

Do you need Speed reading skills?

I used to be fascinated by the idea of speed reading, fantasizing about zipping through a whole book in seven minutes, just as I was intrigued by some story I read as a child where the person puts the books under his pillow and the information seeps into his head.

Looking at the tips, though, the key really seems to be that you should be a skimmer who slows up when you get to things that are particularly important. So I seem to have learned speed reading on my own just by trying to get through the hundreds of e-mails, articles, etc. I try to look at every day.

I think speed reading is something the business world has learned in general -- thus the emergence of the bullet point and PowerPoint presentations.




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