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about speed reading

About speed reading

articles about speed reading

Articles about speed reading

wide eye span and speed reading

Wide eye span and speed reading

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Keywords and speed reading

subvocalization and speed reading

Sub vocalization and speed reading


By using Speed reading software, you can improve your ability to speed read. You needn't practice special exercises; it is just enough to read and periodically practice. Click here to look at free online speed reading trainings.

Most text contains 50% unnecessary words. Remove 50% of the letters from the text and you can still read the text. If you understand this simple idea, your reading speed will increase dramatically.  The human mind reads the words as Egyptian hieroglyphics. You can mix the letters and still read the text. Understand this simple idea and your reading speed will improve significantly. You can read the text by groups of words. Even if you strip the text, you can still read the text. Your reading speed will increase when you learn to widen your eye span.

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Speed reading software characteristics.

  1. Common returns to what has already been read, usually decreasing the speed of reading, become impossible.
  2. Articulation becomes impossible because nobody is able to articulate the text reading at high speed.
  3. Become accustomed to grasping a whole word or a group of words by a single look. In such a way you activate your peripheral vision facilities.
  4. Study how to speed read without haste because the program dictates the speed you have chosen and does not react to your haste.
  5. Magic Speed reading can be used to study foreign languages as well because initially you can read slowly, and then eventually accelerate, repeating familiar texts.

The results will come, but do not hurry them up; the development must take its own time.

Download speed reading software

Magic Speed reading software free download (860kb). More information about Magic Speed Reading. A good speed reading software program is a program that helps you pace yourself, gives you practice, and trains you to
read backwards.

Reading backwards is the secret to speed reading. But don't worry. The software program shows you how and makes it easy. You won't even notice.

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What is speed reading.

Articles about theeyes and speed reading

Understanding the role of speed in the reading process is essential. Research has shown a close relation between speed and understanding.

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