Butterfly screensaver

 Enjoy this beautiful 3D butterflies flying around and swarm. This Screensaver show the fly of Butterfly. This Screensaver show the acrobatic flight of butterflies. It shows virtual living butterflies in this screensaver. Do you like see butterflies? Butterfly's are obviously the most beautiful insectivorous on the Earth. Colorful and delicate butterfly's are flying. Butterfly Paradise screensaver. The screen saver's background should change more often and the butterflies are fast but the animation is nice. This is a screensaver with a black background and color beautiful butterflies bouncing around.


(making your computer more attractive to butterfly
and by giving them more of what they want.)

The screensaver is free for use

Look! There's a butterfly! Isn't it great to hear those words every year when the butterflies finally arrive at your house?
And what's better than having butterflies happily flittering around in your computer?


What other says about Butterfly screensaver

This is the most realistically butterfly flight simulation I have ever seen. Natural and smooth animation. Colorful Butterflies are fluttering in the screen. This animated screensaver will provide pleasure to those of you that enjoy the little creatures. If you love butterflies than you won't need another screen saver after you download this one! Realistic 3d butterflies actually fly around your screen. 

See although how to draw a butterfly