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Chunking mnemonic memory technique

Chunking is a technique used when remembering numbers, although the idea can be used for remembering other things as well. It is based on the idea that short-term memory is limited in the number of things that can be contained. A common rule is that a person can remember 7 (plus or minus 2) "items" in short-term memory. In other words, people can remember between 5 and 9 things at one time. You may notice that local telephone numbers have 7 digits. This is convenient because it is the average amount of numbers that a person can keep in his or her mind at one time.

When you use "chunking" to remember, you decrease the number of items you are holding in memory by increasing the size of each item. In remembering the number string 64831996, you could try to remember each number individually, or you could try thinking about the string as 64 83 19 96 (creating "chunks" of numbers). This breaks the group into a smaller number of "chunks." Instead of remembering 8 individual numbers, you are remembering four larger numbers. This is particularly helpful when you form "chunks" that are meaningful or familiar to you (in this case, the last four numbers in the series are "1996," which can easily be remembered as one chunk of information).

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How to memorize PI

Memorizing up to 31 digits of Pi can be a great way to impress friends, use as a party piece, or win bar bets.

One of the simplest ways to memorize Pi is to memorize sentences in which each word's length represents a digit of Pi. This method can only be used up to 31 digits after the decimal point, because the 32nd digit after the decimal point is 0. Here are some classic sentences of this type:

  • May I have a large container of coffee?
  • Pie
    I wish I could recollect pi.
    "Eureka!," cried the great inventor.
    Christmas pudding, Christmas pie,
    is the problem's very center!
  • How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy chapters involving quantum mechanics.
    One is, yes, adequate even enough to induce some fun and pleasure for an instant, miserably brief.
  • Sir, I bear a rhyme excelling
    In mystic force and magic spelling
    Celestial sprites elucidate
    All my own striving can't relate.
    Or locate they who can cogitate
    And so finally terminate. Finis.



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