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Ancient Greek scholar states �Memory is an admirable gift of nature by which we recall past things, we embrace present things and we contemplate future things through their likeness to past things�.

The Oxford dictionary defines a mnemonic as "of or designed to aid the memory". The word is derived from the name of the Greek goddess of memory - Mnemosyne. You see the Greeks thought so much of the ability to memorize that they worshipped it in the form of a goddess. Sophisticated mnemonic techniques elsewhere but each of the items below is a simple popular aid to memory that we can all use straight away.

Mnemonic instruction refers to instructional or learning strategies designed specifically to improve memory. In many cases, it refers to modifying or changing to-be-learned information to link it directly to information the learner already knows.

Mnemonics is a scientific tested technique based on our knowledge of principals of memory. There is the Link-word method to help memorize material, the peg word method, chunking, associations (stories), ridiculous associations, and the use of acronyms and acrostics. The famous ROY G BIV for learning the colors of the rainbow is an example a mnemonic acronym as well as the not so famous RAVEN to remember when to use �affect� VS �effect�-Remember, Affect, Verb, Effect, Noun. Mnemonics strategies gathered from research articles has been used to learn people�s names, foreign language, to learn the states and capitals, letters of the alphabet and spelling words to name a few.

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