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First idea - Math Square

Welcome to the Math Square. The directions are simple. In each square put numbers until the total for the row (if you add up all the numbers) is equal to the value next to the row. Make sure you get the right values in each column and in the diagonal direction too! To see what it looks like, look below. Note: This was called "Magic Square", but the name has been changed since it was not really a "magic square" where all rows, columns and diagonals added up to the same number.

We offer three versions of this game. The first just uses numbers 1-9, the second lets you enter the starting number and then uses the next 8 numbers, and the third uses a set of random digits between 1-99. In all cases the center digit is filled in for you. No digit is used twice.

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Math GamesMath Games. These games are appropriate for kids ages 6 up. Click here for math games for younger kids. Kids,K-12,Math,Game,Algebra,Music,Chinese,Reading,SATKids and grown-ups learn and play. K-12 math,game,algebra,SAT,music,reading, arithmatics,chinese,piano,poker,card,education,teaching,family software,TOEFL. Education for KidsWelcome to Education 4 Kids. As you can see, we have made a number of Flascards and Math Tables as well as some of the other more general drill games. Games and Activities Go to Math Teaser Challenge � Math Teaser Challenge is a great way to test your math/statistics skills with some


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