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"Eidetic memory puzzle" can develop your memory and imaginary ability. This game draw different pictures and you memorize (try to use eidetic memory) them. Sounds easy? Well think again! Statistics module will show your progress in gaining of the new method of memorizing, flexible setting of the task complexity allows you to set the complexity to your grade. A memory game with a shopping theme designed to develop observation and memory skills.

Read user review of this Eidetic memory game.

Read user review of this Eidetic memory game.

Eidetic memory is the ability of our memory to store all details of the picture so that you can reproduce it without errors.

Close your eyes and recall this picture. Well done?

Eidetic memory puzzle is a small and nice brain-twister, playing which you could while away your free time in a pleasant manner.

eidetic memory puzzle game. It impove your memory ability.  

Eidetic - The ability to keep in mind a lot of visual non - associated information is very important in our life. You should remember and distinguish different kinds of goods, human faces, book pages, elements of maps or schemes. After this regular training you will be able to keep in mind an image of picture.

Eidetic is good for people of different age. It can help you develop storage pictures ability. The designers of this program tested it themselves and noticed an improvement of their creative abilities. Players try to memorize picture cards, then they close their eyes while one is removed. Try to remember which one has been taken away.

Eidetic is a challenging but fun picture puzzle game! You start off with a jumbled up picture and try to put it together again. The difficulty of the puzzles can be adjusted so the game can be suitable for both children and adults. This program trains visual reconstruction of concrete pictures. The mind concentration necessary to manage the tasks of this training are reconstruction as well as both memory and attention.

Eidetic memory training program strategy for pictures storage

If you want to develop your visual eidetic memory you should concentrate on the grid and try to "take a photo" of all the images in your mind. Then keeping this "photo" in mind tries to set images on the same position.

If you want to develop the creativity of your imagination you should try to invent a short story using all shown images or the things they resemble. For example: your neighbor's cat eats a fish in your kitchen, you try to drive it away, but he escapes on the yacht to the house of your mother-on-low. The more humorous situation you can invent the better you remember it.

The training is recommended for patients with a slight or medium decline in the capacity of the Visio-constructive field or in other general functional disorders. The latter can be frequently observed in patients with diffuse brain damage e.g. due to intoxication, alcohol abuse, etc. As only pictorial material is used, the training is also suitable for children (aged 8 years and over).

The training is analogous to puzzle games. At the beginning of the task, the patient has to memorize as many details as possible. As soon as the patient presses the OK-button - or after a pre-set time - the picture is taken apart into a certain number of puzzle parts and must be reassembled.


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Eidetic is a lovely program for children or adults with dyslexia or specific learning difficulties. I much appreciate your help.

Vision and Learning Disabilities

Eidetic memory is just a basic game where you have to move around the pieces of the puzzle and try to put them in order. The games is simple free an fun for kids. Try it out. Let your creativity and imagine to be your guide as you create awesome game sets for this special memory / concentration game! The educational and mnemonic value is limited only by your imagination! This game  will train your visual memory. All you need to memorize the pictures. You will be time limited so make it quickly or you'll lose.

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Many investigations of neuropsychological rehabilitation report good training effects of playing Eidetic puzzle games regularly (often also combined with other trainings and exercises).

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Eidetic memory (Photographic memory) found in 5% children. These children can remember an entire page of writing in an unfamiliar language after only seeing it for a short period of time. Only a few have eidetic memory in adulthood.