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Run away from space black holes in this online free game. Use the arrow keys to move your ship. Try move up from the all black holes. Do not bumping into any of enemy. Develop visual memory

Thus, if you started firing wildly into fields of big asteroids, you would likely end up in an even bigger mess than you started with, facing a swarm of tiny, zippy asteroids. The controls allow you to rotate left and right, thrust, warp into hyperspace, and most importantly, to fire your blaster at the rocky menaces. Black hole flash actions online game. For a generation of video game addicts, Asteroids will always mean simple graphics, stressful and addictive game play, and dreams of high-scoring glory. Now Featuring High Scores!

In the years after Star Wars, anything involving outer space, speedy interstellar craft and dangerous battles was considered golden. Into this arena of sci-fi fantasy came Atari’s Asteroids, one of the most enduring hits in video game history. Atari’s recipe for addiction consisted of the following: one screen, five buttons, one ship, a few UFO’s, and several ship-smashing asteroids. Smack dab in the center of the action was your triangle-shaped spacecraft, adrift in a sea of space rocks. The Blasting large, slow-moving asteroids turned them into two medium-sized, speedier asteroids. Another blast at the medium asteroids split them into small, fast-moving asteroids, which could be vaporized with one more shot.

This is shoot online game. Short story. The personal of the space ship lived happily. Once time everything was changed. The ship was attacked by blacks holes who stole the main value – the destroy the ship. Outbreak is a space shooter with stunning 16-bit graphics and randomly generated pictures of space with 5 space objects. There are four unique races with 5 waves, more than 5 different enemy ships and 1 super bosses. Also there are advanced artificial intelligence and many power-ups.

What is shooter? Shooter is a game where the player controls a single character, usually a person, exploring an environment, and shooting enemies as they appear.

Play and fun this online games.