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"Reading from right to left" speed reading lesson

How this program works

  • Click on the "Open" button and select the text file.
  • Click on the "Back to front" button and the program will replace the letters in the lines.
  • Read the text from right to left. If you click on the "Back to front" button then the program will arrange the text back into its initial order.

To save the text, click on the "Save" button.

In order to increase the power of concentration of the mind, read the complex texts or read the text from right to left.


The idea of the speed reading exercises

In order to improve your concentration whilst reading, try to read the complex texts, or read the text from right to left.

The Program drills reading attention. After the drills, it will feel very easy to read the texts. Feel how it is easier after the drills.

After doing the exercises you will sense how a usual text can be read very easily and quickly. Remember that phsycological state. Later on, when you want to read quickly, recall those sensations.


Speed reading tips

  • Review reading involves a rapid re-reading of material to refresh

your memory. During re-reading you'll find that your margin notes and other textual notes will be quite helpful. Begin by re-reading the introduction and conclusion. For the body of the material; skim the passages you understand clearly, and read more closely the passages you found confusing. If you have to read all of the material slowly then your first reading was ineffective. Before you begin review reading, jot down questions or areas of doubt. Make sure you clear them up by the end of your review reading session.

Effective learning often takes place "from whole to parts." That is, we start with the big picture and proceed to the smaller, more detailed parts. Look at the title of the piece, the subheadings. What is in dark print or stands out? Are there illustrations or graphs? Get the best overall picture of what you're going to study before you study it an any detail. It's like looking at a road map before going on a trip. If you don't know the territory, studying a map is the best way to begin.

Move your eyes quickly over the page in order to read:

  • The title
  • Headings and sub-headings
  • Boldfaced print, italics and underlined
  • Introduction and abstract
  • Graphs, charts, maps, tables
  • First sentences of each paragraph, or section
  • Study questions
  • Summary

Use our speed reading software course for developing your reading skills.



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