Speed reading software

Computer training for expanding the peripheral vision "peripheral vision"


How speed reading software works

Click on the "Go" button.

Two Numbers flash from both sides of the central line. Try to remember them. Use the keyboard to type in the numbers. If the result is right, the program makes the task more difficult, and the distance between the numbers will increase. If the answer is wrong, the distance between the numbers will decrease.

In the right upper corner the parameters of the exercise are displayed; the amount of completed tasks and the current distance between the numbers.

The user can change the following settings:

  • The increment of increase or decrease of the distance between the numbers.
  • The length of time in which the numbers are shown.
  • The amount of numbers in the exercise.
  • The initial distance.

The idea of the speed reading exercises

The program is designed for extending your peripheral vision. People with extended peripheral vision read faster. The program shows just a portion of the information, so you cannot read it at once. You can see the numbers by using the corner of your eyes.

Whilst doing the exercises, try to analyze your sensations. What happens with your eyes? What do your eyes to do? How do you recognize the numbers? Does the sharpness of the objects change? Are the unclear objects located around the center of observation?


Some facts about human eyes.

People have the following features of vision:

1. Peripheral vision:

  • Area of best vision - 1.5 degrees.
  • Zone of clear vision - 15 degrees.
  • Maximum zone of vision - 35 degrees.

2. Types of eye movement:

  • Slow motion (a drift movement).
  • The eyes stay in one place for 90% of the reading time.

Whilst reading, the eyes make (horse racing jumps) 10% of the time. When a man studies an object, his eyes jump onto the edge of an object 2-5 times a second. In the process of reading, eyes jump 3-4 times a second. Slow readers make the same amount of motions as fast readers. The difference between them is in the volume of information gathered during one eye fixation. Perception of the text occurs only during the fixation of eyes. Long stops are caused by unknown words or by misprints. You should widen your peripheral vision for increasing your speed-reading. Another speed-reading tip concerns texts that are in the field of your proffesion or knowledge. Try to understand the main idea of the text by one or two words from the paragraph. The more you read, the more words, terms and word stamps you have. The more words and terms you have, the higher speed of your reading. You can use the same concept in a foreign language.


Speed reading tips

Speed reading of technical journals and papers will hardly help when you need to read, assimilate information, think, and interpret not only the information, but that which is hidden and meant between the lines. Unfortunately, technical authors expect the readers always to have at least the same understanding as their own concerning the subject being discussed. Unless the forum is a real basic one, the writer tends to give only the information he thinks necessary, leaving the rest for your own studying!

A quick word though, and that is why I love this site; because even the experts working here give you the answers to your queries in a way clearly understandable to you! A special word of thanks to all those experts in this site! Speed reading courses or books "would at least force one to measure your reading rate more frequently" and thus improve it.

Use our speed reading software course for developing your reading skills.


Speed reading techniques

Speed reading techniques

Speed Reading Software