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Computer training software for expanding your peripheral vision "Shulitz tables"


How this software works

To begin, click on the "Go" button.

Concentrate on the center of the screen. Do not concentrate on one point of the screen. Look through the screen. Try to view all part of the screen without glance in order to count all the numerals in the field (1,2,3,4 :)

Use the Settings form for adjusting the size of the field, dimension of the table, and the period of time in-between which the pictures change.

Your aim is to cover all of the numbers in the picture (both in the upper and the lower line).

You will amaze yourself at the rapid progress that you'll make. Most people can see around five to six letters at once at this very fast speed. After around 10 sessions with this exercise people increase this level to at least 10-20 letters. This in turn helps you to read larger chunks of text from the written page, and improves your overall reading ability.


The idea of the speed reading program

Your vision is most effective within a central zone. Everything that lies beyond this zone will be hazy.

A broad peripheral field of vision quickens the searching process shorter. You can widen your field of vision by using the "Shultz tables".

Doing exercises with the Shultz tables develops your three-dimensional, multi channeled attention. The symbols will sub-coonciously be perceived as one picture. Your main purpose is to concentrate your view on the center of the table, whilst being able to see the central number and all the numbers on the corner of a table.

This exercise increases the breath of your peripheral vision and helps you to increase your reading speed.


How to manually prepare the Shultz table.

The Shultz table is a square piece of paper with 10-inch sides. The paper is split up into 25 cells. The numbers 1 to 25 are inserted into cells in random order.

Concentrate on the center of the table and count all the numbers in it. The Distance from table to your eyes must be 15-inches.

Do several tables, on which the numbers have different locations.

You can find an example of a Shultz table here...


Speed reading tips

Before you read, preview the section that you need to read, in order to see what it is about in general, and you plan to attack it. For example, let's assume your psychology assignment is to read chapter seven, pages 325 - 350. In your preview you read the title of the chapter, the introductory paragraphs, and the section headings and subheadings. Perhaps you notice that the chapter does not have any concluding paragraphs; it just ends.

You notice that it is about mental development in early childhood, and that each section describes a different theory. No one section appears to be complex, so you can read each section at about the same speed. You decide to use a highlighter to mark the names and definitions. This professor does not give tests on each chapter, but expects you to participate in class discussion after the lecture; so you will read primarily in order to gain the main idea about each theory.

Use our speed reading software for developing your reading skills.


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