Speed reading software

Computer training software "Flash reading"

How the program works

  • Click on the Open button and select the text.
  • Click on the Go button to start the program.
  • Click on the Pause button to stop playing the Flash reading.

By using the Settings form you can adjust the parameters of the program:

  • The Amount of letters in one portion of a flashed text
  • The amount of words in one portion of a flashed text.
  • The flash time (showing time) of portions of the text.
  • The time between flashes
  • The size of the flash field.

The flash-training exercises train you to read more words with a single fixation of the eyes. Fast and accurate readers are able to read an entire group of words at a single glance. This skill is essential for rapid reading because:

  • You can read faster because your brain learns to process an entire group of words at a time.
  • This helps break the bad habit of "sub-vocalization," in which you say the words under your breath as your read. Sub-vocalization dramatically reduces your reading speed.
  • You can concentrate for longer without getting tired because you can read much faster than you can speak.
  • You will learn to read ideas directly from the page rather than individual syllables or individual words.
  • It reduces "ocular slaving," as the eye does not have to examine the words syllable by syllable
  • Your eyes do less work as they are more efficient

The idea of flash speed-reading training

The text is cut up into small pieces. Each piece is flashed up in the center of the computer screen. Concentrate your view on the central point of the screen. Try to read the flashing text using whilst not concentrating your view on one point.


Some analogies:

You can view a mosaic from a long distance. When the distance is short a mosaic is like a collection of small of small stones or pieces of glass. You can use this approach for text reading.

The distance for different texts will change. You do not read each word (like you do not view each piece of glass in the mosaic). The main thing is to grap the main meaning of the text.

It is important to define the right "distance" for reading. If you select blocks that are too small or to big you risk losing the meaning of the text.

Computer photo reading (flash-reading) should not always be used. The program must adapt the sizes of the blocks depending on the amount of important information in the text. The program must change the flashing speed depending on the placement of the text. It is possible to change the flashing speed, depending on where the text is placed in the paragraph. Maybe the first sentence of the paragraph needs to be shown longer than for another text. The software can't account for all the possible settings and adjustments. So the flash reading method of reading has serious defects. But, on the other hand, the flash method software demonstrates the technique of reading. Flash reading programs show that a person's subconscious sees the whole text, but he believes that he used word-by-word technique of reading. The reader adapts the reading speed and changes it flexibly. The reader subconsciously makes a pause at the end of each paragraph. He builds up a picture of the text using peculiarities of the text such as bold font or punctuation.

The flash reading software makes the reader see the whole text; not only the part of it.

Pay attention to how you grasp the text. Try reading the text several times with different program settings. Which is best? How do you find the essence of the text? Try to understand how you really read.

A word or a sentence is flashed onto the screen for a fraction of a second. You must then correctly read the words. This process is repeated with randomly selected sentences of the same length until you have mastered flash reading at that level of difficulty. As you get better and better, the randomly generated phrases get longer and longer.


Speed reading tips

Don't keep re-reading phrases. Poor readers habitually read and re-read the phrase over. This habit of making "regressions" doubles reading time and does not result in better comprehension. A single careful, attentive reading may not be enough for full comprehension, but is often more effective than constant regressions in the middle of a reading. It is best to work on paying closer attention the first time through. Do a preview first before the careful reading and try the tips I mentioned above. You'll remember better without the rereading.

Vary reading rate to suit the difficulty and type of writing of the text. Poor readers read at the same slow rate. An efficient reader speeds up for easier material and slows down for the hard. Some things were not meant to be read quickly at all. Legal material and very difficult text should be read slowly. Easier material and newspapers can be read quickly. Poetry and plays were meant to be performed, and if not acted out, then at least, spoken out loud orally. This obviously will conflict with good speed reading method which forbids vocalization. Religious writings and scripture were originally written to be recited and listened to by an audience which was likely to be intelligent, but illiterate. The "fun" of poetry, plays, or prayer is not really experienced if you "speed read" the text.

Use our speed reading software course for developing your reading skills.


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