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Computer training "Place blanks in the text"

How this program works

Click on the Open button and choose the text.

The program deletes all blanks from the text.

You need to restore all the blanks as they were in their original form. For inserting a blank between words move the cursor of the mouse to the necessary place and click the left button. For deleting the blank use the Backspace button.

Use the Prompt button for checking the source text.


The idea of speed reading computer training

Computer training develops the ability to concentrate. Another purpose of the exercises is to understand how you read. Whilst doing the exercises, think about how you find and recognize the words. Can you recognize two words at one time? Can you read the text without blanks?


Speed reading tips

Comprehension comes from being able to see yourself in the story, or being able to visualize what's happening in the story. In order to do that, you need to know something more about what's happening in the story. You need to understand the characters and the setting. If the story takes place in an amusement park, it's harder to visualize this if you have never experienced one.

If you have visited such a park, you can see with your mind's eye what it looks like and perhaps relate to the characters' experiences.

Knowing something about where the story takes place and the subject of the book will launch you forward as a reader. If the subject is foreign to you it's not going to be easy to understand because you will need to learn about the subject as you read or do some research before you begin. You will need more patience as you read and learn.

You need to learn to do something different. You need to learn to have fun while you read. Have fun and then read. Have fun and then read. What do you think becomes conditioned with reading?

Remember, how you learned to read, when you were five or six years old. Not only was it ingrained in you the habit of getting stressed while reading, but it got consistently reinforced. In second grade, in third grade, in fourth grade it became a pattern and a habit.


How to develop reading?

Your reading ability refers to your capacity to interpret certain symbols of the language, such as words, sentences etc. in written form. The reading may be out loud or silent. Some of the basic principles involved in designing activities for developing your reading abilities are as follows:

  • Learners may be encouraged to read alphabets, words, sentences, paragraphs, etc.
  • Separate exercises should be prepared for loud and silent reading.
  • Learners should be encouraged to identify the whole word as a picture just like alphabet. This helps them in faster reading later.
  • While preparing cards it would be better to give a picture of the idea inherent in the word or sentence just by the side of the word, phrase or sentence.
  • For loud reading simulation activities pertaining to various situations such as News Reading.
  • Gradually, the speed of the reading should also be monitored.

Use our speed reading software for developing your reading skills. . . .


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