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Hi, Serge

I dont know, from where to start.

When we talk about speed reading in Serbia, I must to disappoint you. Althoug, in Serbia there are lot of student and clever poeple, speed reading is on very low level.

There is one young organization its name is Finessa. They exist some 5 years.

They transscribe a book of foreign authors, which develop intelectual skills.The most frecqwently autor is Tony Buzan, and his most popular book The mind map and also Speed reading from same autor. It is one book from, two which we have, second is Speed reading from Dzefri Dadly.

Also, this organization organise a some shortly weekly seminar. On that semimar, they initiate pupiles with some basic things, about speed raeding, visual span, some problems(subvocalizations) and some tehniques. But all of that is more in domen theory. Techniques which we laerned are, flash reading, Shultz reading, fixaton of two, three and rank, reliance stick,metronome.

After tht seminar people are mostly dissatisfied and frustrait. Many of them, belive that this organization only want to take him a big many, but very litle teach them.The most ofeten coments are that is very short time of two days, for practice and learning this techniques amd after that, they have not posibility to practice and perform their skills. Otherwise, people in Serbia, like to read book and be clever, and this organizaton very ably misuse so that thisone seminar cost 150 EUR.It is very expansive for one student. After first jubilant, that somting like that exists, I am was veru disapointed after that seminar. I practiced fast redaing with stick, and metronome but my faith for any succes was veru low.Perchance, I have found on the internet one program it is rocket reader, 3 months ago, My interesting for speed reading has grown up again. After that I found your program, and all that techniqe and more, for which I know teotetical, are became available for practice. Oh I am veru lucky now and my enthusiasam,wish and intersting for speed reading is again aflamed.My goals is that I come in srack and read book from 300 page for 10 min. Hehhehe What is like situation in Russia? I hvae heard that is speed reading in Russia is very burly. and that is the best in the world. Have you any school for fast reading, what is its lenght, program etc.What si interesting young people for speed reading? What is your speed of reading?. What is your time of practice, It will be my pleaser as a beginer to hear some hint from you. WAR. oh what to say It is not good for anybody, apart martial profiter.

If I try to explain how war started it is very dificult.Many factor has had purchase. On this area live many diferent people with difernet culture, religion,observance, it is one factor, Next factor is hystiorical moment 45 years is very short period to forget crimiinal and mureder which are haepaend, next factor was economic moment,terorisam, prestige foreign force USA, Russia and many many factor... Thosse difernet are became very big and intolerable, and it hapened that. It was one general crazy. People as are became crazy.as they found a the most litle thing how will be disagree and accented diferent between them.On unhappy all of them situation is culminated untill weapon conflikt. It was terible manyu inocent people were murder and became invalid, manyu home are burned. All of three side are more lose than got.Many of us thijnk that is all could be diferent with a lotf unpain and with a less damage.All three side had a people which are purloined terible murder. We hope that peoplele will conform, ahd take responsibility for their acts. And that these thing will not reapet.

Thats all for now, my friend

A lot of Rememberance from Serbia

Remark of Serge Mikhailov

I am software developer and researcher then a teacher and trainer. I do not like to say one thing again and again for class room.
I will better to write a book and pooblish it.
I have not a seminar business. I sell my software and books only. I collect a lot of storys of owner of speed reading techniques. I can say that speed reading and mind ability is a different thing.

  • You can speed read interesting text only.
  • You can speed read right now! Explain and emagin why do you need read this text. Then scan five times text and you will read as speed read.
  • Try to understand how do you read and you will read faster.

    You need read only interesting text.

    First letter

    Hi, thank you, thank you, thank you.My name is Dejan Markovic.I am from
    Serbia amd Montenegro, Belgrade.I am 32 years old..I study Physical
    medicine and rehabilitation. I have known for fast reading, and some
    tehniques,3 years ago. But with your program, my reading will become, much
    beter and faster . And,
    What about you?

    I am software developer. I am owner of my business. www.ababasoft.com I publish two books about speedreading in Russia and two other about software developing

    What is your job and occupation?

    I write software and sell it. I own money from advertisin

    How many year, you practice fast reading?

    From school.

    You must have a lot of knowledge and practice to make program like that.

    I am owner of web subscribe list about self growth and speed reading in russia internet.

    Else one thak you very much and Good luck with your work.

    If you write me a story about your speed reading skils in English or Serbian I will say you thank you. It will be good if you send me a links about speed reading in serbian Internet.


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