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Computer exercise "Frame reading"

How the frame reading program works

Lets imagine how we can change the structure of the text. Why is a line in a text placed as it is in books and newspapers? Why not put them in the order as in the next picture?

The words are placed in the order which makes them easily readable. With one eye fixation you can read one window. A red point is placed in the center of each window. Be aware of the points while you are reading.


The idea of the speed reading exercises

When you are reading a text you are possibly concentrating on the center of a word. You think that you are viewing only this word, but it not true. (When you read a word, concentrate your view on the center of the word. Why? It's because you see this word unconsciously.

These exercises help to break the bad habits that reduce your speed of reading. Get in the habit of reading several words with one jump of the eyes. Bring your imagination into play. Try to comprehend the sense of whole text by reading parts of text. When you look at a mosaic, then you do not need to examine all of its separate parts, and your reading speed will be high.


Speed reading tips

Quickly scan over the material. This will imprint the basic structure of the body of the text into your mind. This scan should be very superficial. You are not to concern yourself with details at this stage, but are meant to simply register the basic layout of the chapter or article that you plan to read. You will be surprised how even a quick flip through a body of text will orient your mind, help you to recognize where to look for the info that you will need, and consequently speed up the actual reading process. The quick scan gives a fast overview in just a few minutes so when you return to speed read it you already are already familiar with the layout and contents.

Scanning involves flipping through very quickly, but still using your pointer finger (in skier fashion). When scanning, ask yourself questions about the material. "What is this, what does this mean, why is s/he talking about this?" Later you will find the answers to these on-the-fly questions. At this point you are simply priming your brain, focusing your attention and mapping the concepts that the author talks about.

Most of the time, you should scan the material several times before you actually embark on reading the material. First scan the text in a general sense. In the next scan look for important pictures and graphs. On the third scan, check out titles, headings, and chapter summaries.

Learning to speed-read involves reducing sub-vocalization, although it is virtually impossible to eliminate entirely. It's important to train yourself not to say words in your head. Listening to music whilst reading reduces sub-vocalization and keep the eyes at a pace in which they move every two seconds. Some music is very close to 60 beats a minute. The beat makes you read at a certain pace.

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