Speed reading software

Computer exercises "Mixed letters in the words"

How the speed reading program works:

  • Click on the "Open" button and choose the text for training.
  • Click on the "Mix" button and the program changes the place of two letters in each word.
  • If you click on the "Mix" button again, then the program mixes the letters again.
  • Click on the "Prompt" button to see the initial text.
  • Click on the "Save" button if you want to save the text onto hard disk.

You can load up the text by using copy - paste operations. For instance, you can load up the text from Internet pages.


The idea of the speed reading exercises

This program demonstrates how we read texts. Reading is not reading in the usual sense. People usually do not read words by the letters; but recognize the word as a whole. Reading is a process of guessing the words (hieroglyph). You can guess the meaning at different levels; at the level of the words, at the level of sentences or at the level of paragraphs (by guessing their meaning). The more experience of reading, the higher the level of guessing. By using these exercises you can see that the slow speed by which we read and take in information is just a bad habit.

Try to view more words at once and your reading speed will increase. These exercises help you to do this. Maybe you will notice that you can read only the mixed text at a high speed. The higher the speed, the more we comprehend. On the other hand, if you try reading the mixed text letter-by-letter, you will find that it is difficult to understand the general meaning of the text.

Note- Remember that slow reading also has its place. Occasionally it is worth reading slowly. Have you heard about the methods of teaching of reading to a child? A child learns to grasp the word completely as a hieroglyphic. Afterwards the child has problems in reading words that are unknown to him or her. Use this methodic when you are forming your speed reading strategies.


Speed reading tips

Reading is not the process of running eyes over a textbook. When you read, read actively. Read to answer the questions you have asked yourself, or the questions the instructor or author has asked. Always be alert to bold or italicized print. The authors intend that this material receive special emphasis. Also, when you read, be sure to read everything; including tables, graphs and illustrations. Often times tables, graphs and illustrations can convey an idea more powerfully than written text.

If your have not comprehended an idea, go back and re-read. Re-state difficult ideas in your own words.

You don't need to read everything. Not every magazine, letter, and email you receive contains information you need. In fact, most of it is simply junk. Throw it away, hit the delete key! Just doing this will double the amount of time you have available to read.

Do not be afraid to take on new challenges. Yet, in front of that class, reading new and unfamiliar words, you're tongue tied, and you've naturally mispronounced a word. What did everyone do when you mispronounced that word? Well if you were in the same class I was, they all laughed at you to the point where you said something to the effect of " I do not want to have to do that again!"

Use our speed reading software for developing your reading skills.



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