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Computer training "The dominant"

How this program works

Click on the "Open" button and select the text for training.

Read the text.

Whilst you are reading, use the mouse to select the pieces of the text which possibly refer to the key words (the keywords are significant words of the text). Then click on the right button of the mouse and choose the "To contribute the word to the keyword list" item.

When you have selected the keywords, click on the "Dominant form" button. Read the list of keywords and type in the semantic rows according to the keywords.

(Do not retell the text. Use your imagination and associations. Try to understand idea of the text. What is the meaning of the text?


The idea of this speed reading program

This program helps you to master the algorithm of speed-reading:

  • Finding keywords.
  • Making semantic rows
  • Determining the dominant of the text.

In the first step of your speed-read strategy, try to understand the main ideas of the text, the significant words, phrases and the main idea of the text underlined in red, which pre-determine the text in the following pages.

In the second step of your speed-read strategy shorten the text into brief logical chains

In the third step of your speed-read strategy, analyze the information, which you received at the second stage. Determine the main meaning of the text.


Try to do these manual exercises.

Take a pencil and underline important keywords (the significant words). The keywords carry the main semantic meaning: choose the object, the conditions or the actions (nouns, verbs) It is not necessary to underline the keywords in each sentence.

Re-read the text. Pay attention to underlined words. Try to make semantic rows. The semantic row is a pair of the words (the semantic row consists of a combination of keywords). The semantic rows allow you to understand the hidden meaning of the text. Write down all the semantic rows on paper.

Now read the text with semantic rows and try to understand the meaning of the text. The dominant is the main meaning of the text; the most short and economical way of expressing the meaning of the text. The meaning of the text is the images, which appear in your mind (the internal "screen", the imagination, the memory of image).

Try to keep all the keywords in your mind and check them (Do they disappear? Do the new images erase the old meaning?).


Speed reading tips

  • Use your finger, a ruler, or a pencil to guide your reading. Your finger will help you with your pace.
  • Avoid saying each word that you read.
  • Place words into chunks of 2 or 3 as you read.

These tips alone will help increase your reading speed by 1/6th. In order to read even faster and develop greater comprehension I would recommend good speed reading software.

"Speed reading is not magic" software gives you the tools to understand how speed reading works in adults and children. We have gathered information on how you can increase your reading speed and comprehension for that purpose.

Use our speed reading software for developing your reading skills.


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Understanding the role of speed in the reading process is essential. Research has shown a close relation between speed and understanding.

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