Speed reading software

Computer exercises for developing concentration "Counting the amount of the letters with one look"


How this speed reading training program works

  • Click on the "Go" button and the program will show the letters on the field.

  • Count up the letters and use the keyboard to type in their quantity.
  • If your answer is right, the program will make the task more difficult..

On you computer screen you will see that the letters are shown in a chaotic order. Count up the letters of a certain type and use the keyboard to type in their quantity.

These exercises develop a persons ability to find information.


The idea of speed reading training

The program develops the peripheral vision of the eyes. It develops the ability to cover more information at once. Another aim of the program is to develop the concentration of the human mind.

Try to do the exercises without concentrating your view on one spot. Join the letters into groups of 2, 3, or 4 numbers. It will help you whilst counting.


Speed reading tips

Your reading speed will differ according to the type of literature that you are reading. For example, an exciting novel is read quicker than a difficult computer text. Textbooks also vary in how well they are written, and as a consequence some are more difficult to read.

Every time you read a chapter in a book, count how many pages an hour you can read. Once you have an accurate estimate of your reading rate, you can plan your reading time and studying time better.

The technique you choose will depend on the aim of your reading. For example, you might be reading for enjoyment, information, or to complete a task. If you are just exploring or reviewing, you might skim a document. If you're searching for information, you might scan for a particular word. To get detailed information, you might use a technique such as SQ4R. You need to adjust your reading speed and technique depending on your purpose.

Many people consider skimming and scanning to be search techniques rather than reading strategies. However when reading large volumes of information, they may be more practical than reading. For example, you might be searching for specific information, looking for clues, or reviewing information.

Use our speed reading software software for developing your reading skills.


Psychology of speed reading

Speed Reading Software