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Assistance for the reader "Ideas and texts systematization"

How this speed reading program works

The "Texts Systematization" - is a hierarchical text editor. This program is designed for the storage and systematization of ideas, facts, texts and html files.

For adding a new tree node, use your mouse and drag onto the necessary tree node, click on the right button and choose the item "to Add the node" in the menu.

You can use the Drag and Drop operation to reorganization the tree. Choose the node you need with your mouse and drag it over in a new place.

You can open a new project if you select "to open the list of the projects" item in the menu.


The idea of the program

It is not enough just to read the text; it is important to extract useful facts and ideas from it. People write down notes for remembering them, as the human mind cannot memorize more than seven objects at once. If the number of notes exceeds a certain amount, one should systematize them. The process of notes systematization means selecting the main ideas, dividing them into categories, deleting copies and finding the blanks in the whole plan.

In this way, the author of the program prepared the text for this project and his other books.


Speed reading tips

Sail through the barrage of information out there using some key reading and skimming skills.

Jot down quick notes, questions or thoughts that will make it easier to refer to the material later. Taking notes is also good for active reading and the better retention of important points.

Survey the layout of your reading material. Look at the title and the boldface section headings, and piece together the logical flow of the paper. This framework will guide you in reading the piece more carefully.

Read different materials at different speeds: Skim or speed-read less important items, and put off important or difficult texts for the time when you are more alert and free.

If you need to skim, reading the first sentence of each paragraph (which is usually the topic sentence) to try to get a general idea of its content.

Pick out the main ideas of a book by reading its cover flaps and scanning the table of contents. Use the index to locate key words quickly.

Practice reading more quickly by moving your index finger down a row of text at a speed slightly faster than your normal reading speed.

Highlight or sparingly underline some sentences, so that really useful information won't be lost.

Use our speed reading software for developing your reading skills.


Speed reading techniques

Speed reading techniques

Speed Reading Software