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Computer training software "Find the word in the text"


How speed reading software works:

  • Click on the Open button and select the text.
  • Read the text carefully.
  • Click on the Next button. The program will show the words in the text that you have to find as quickly as possible.
  • If you can't find a word, press the Prompt button to find out where the word or word-combination is placed.

Settings window

  • The "Words" Parameter determines how many words are used in the question.
  • The "Time" Parameter determines for how long the question is flashed up.

When you have found a word, put the cursor on the word and click the left button of your mouse. If the word is correct, the program will flash up a new word for searching.

The Program saves the results of your work. The following parameters are stored in the file:

  • The size of the file.
  • The period of time in which the task was performed.

The idea of this speed reading program

The Program develops the ability to read selectively. Selective reading requires finding key words as quickly as possible.

Remember an English lesson at school when a schoolboy reads a text. The first boy reads the first sentence. The second sentence is read by another boy. All the pupils read, but your thoughts are up in the clouds. A teacher asks you to continue reading. This is a problem. You need to find the last part of the text. You are searching for the phrase that your classmate has just read. In this exercise a similar task is applied.


Try these speed reading exercises:

Ask your friend to choose a sentence in a text. Try to find it as fast as you can. The exercise develops the ability of the brain to work selectively. Sometimes it's not necessary to read the whole text; you can find the important information by several key words.

Whilst doing the exercise try to notice what is happening in your subconsciousness. What happens in your brain when you find the answer? What do you see, hear or feel? What color is the word that you are searching for (bright, red, twinkling, dark, pale)? What happens with the other words? Do you pronounce words (with what voice, what tone)? What happens in your hand, belly, throat and eyes when you find the word? Continue this list of the questions.

Try to understand how you read (I know it sounds funny). Understanding helps you to make your plan for developing your speed-reading.


Speed reading tips

Use the context to guess the meaning. You can find out that a word you don't know is not important; before using a dictionary.

Try to guess the meaning of the word from the context. The context refers to the words and phrases surrounding the word that you don't understand. Once you think you have guessed the correct meaning, then look up the word in your dictionary to insure you have made a correct guess. Then practice using the word in different contexts. This will help you increase your understanding of the word, which in turn will help you increase your vocabulary.

Being able to guess the meaning of words from their context is a skill that is particularly helpful when you come across idioms.

Vocabulary development. Time spent on vocabulary development will enhance more than speed; it will enhance you. After all, the limits of vocabulary are the limits of thought. Make a start by keeping a list of new words in a bound notebook. Print the new word and write its definition. Begin with one word per task, three a day, twenty a week. You set the number, but hold yourself to it. Use each new word in conversation within a day of looking it up.

Try to work the word into your writing. Until you have actively used it, you will not possess it. See also Chapter Three, Section Four for tips about memorizing vocabulary.

Use our speed reading software for developing your reading skills.



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