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Would you like to have a list of words that are in a text? This program helps you to do this. The program puts the words of a text into a list. You can read the list of words and check for yourself whether you know them or not. Also you can use this program for selecting the words which you need to find in the text. There are two modes of frequency analyzer:

  • The frequency analyzer can be used as an analyst of repeated words. This mode can help you to define the words which you don't know.
  • The frequency analyzer can be used as a letter-by-letter analysis.

The letter-by-letter analysis can help to seek out unexpected associations that are connected with a text. For instance, the analysis of this (current) text shows that the letter-combination "words; thought; anal*" meets more than 10 times. This can be used for finding similar texts in an Internet search engine.


A description of the program

Use the upper text field of the program for copying and pasting the text for the frequency analysis.

The lower field of the program contains the results of the analysis.

The setup form contains the following settings:

  • "Cut the words by N letters" - This field defines the word size for analysis.
  • "Take away the ending of the words" Allows you to cut out word endings. For instance, the following words: "the word", "words", "wording" will be recognized as one: "word*".
  • "Take away prefix" Allows you to cut out the prefix of words. For instance, the following words: "sure" and "insure" will be recognized as one word: "sure".
  • "The letter for changing the ending and prefix" - You can use this field for defining the letter combination for changing prefixes and the endings of the words.
  • "The letter for changing short words" - Allows you to define the

letter-combination that is used for changing short words. Words which have less than four letters will be changed to this letter-combination.

The "Setup" form allows you to define the list of prefixes and endings of words. Usually, the prefix and endings do not contain the main meaning.

When the list of words is complete, the user can mark any necessary words that are in the text. To do this, select the word in the frequency analyzer list. Click on the right button of the mouse and choose the function "Show all entries of this word", and the program will select the words in the text and mark them with red font.

For instance, mark the letter combination "anal*" (for this text) and the program will select the words: analyzer, analyst, analysis.

The speed reading program saves your results in the text file. You can find the file in the root folder of the program.


The idea of this speed reading program

You must be consciously aware of special terms. If you don't know the meaning of words and terms you won't be able to correctly understand the meaning of the text.

Here is what Jack London wrote in the book "Martin Iden": " Unfortunately, he began with "Secret of doctrine". Each line of this book, which he didn't understand, teemed with polysyllabic words. He sat on his bed and spent more time looking at his dictionary than reading his book. There were so many words that after memorizing one of them he immediately forgot the previous one, and had to look for it in the dictionary again. He decided to write the words in a special notebook and after a short time wrote two pages.

He couldn't understand anything. He wasn't a good thinker and he possessed a small vocabulary. Finally, he realized this and decided to read just the dictionary.

You see how important is to understand the meaning of words, and to have a good dictionary.

The first step to knowledge is the acquisition of dictionary terms which are used in your subject field. For improving your vocabulary buy several "abc" books in the necessary field and read them. Read the books using the scanning method. Don't take notice of the contents during your first reading. (It will be as clear as mud). Your main aim is to understand the meaning of the words, and to how to pronounce them correctly. The second aim is to understand how to connect words together. The third aim is to use your possession of this knowledge to adjust your communication. You will intuitively learn to understand the meaning of words.

This advice may be given to a person who is self-developing, and who has no opportunity to obtain academic knowledge, at, for instance, university.


Speed reading tips

Try to use the following style of reading. Read the text. Next, pre-read a section. Read carefully the first paragraph or introductory section. Then read quickly through the body of the material. Don't stop at unfamiliar words or ideas. Put discrete checks in the margin alongside words or passages that trouble you.

When you've reached the final paragraph or the concluding section, return back and read more carefully. At this point you should have a feeling for how the subject is treated and how it develops. If not, look again at the opening paragraph. An author usually places his or her summary near the beginning. Don't continue on until you find it. It will contain the main meaning of the rest of the material.

Use our speed reading software for developing your reading skills.


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Understanding the role of speed in the reading process is essential. Research has shown a close relation between speed and understanding.

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