Computer speed reading exercises "Select 7 semantic blocks in a text"


How this software works:

Systematize the paragraphs and restore the initial meaning. You can add new categories, delete un-required texts, and build a tree of paragraphs so that it will contain no more than seven levels (branches).

Maybe you have the following question; what kind of texts should I use? The answer depends on your personal preferences.

You can make the task more difficult if you put several different texts into one project.

People say that many scientists use methods similar to this software in order to produce scientific articles.


The idea of the speed reading program

The human mind can't operate with more than seven blocks of information. Whilst reading, try to select no more than seven semantic blocks, key words or key ideas. If the text contains more than seven semantic blocks, you need to group two close blocks into one, or study (re-read) one big block several times. Try to choose the optimal amount of semantic blocks that will enable you to study gradually.

( Having read the text, imagine how many semantic blocks can be made up from that text. There should be no more than 7 blocks (or else you risk not remembering them). Use all of your feelings and emotions.; the more emotion, the better you will remember the text. Every block cannot contain more than 7 details. The details must be packed into one clear picture. If there are many details, then you should join them.

Make each image bright, three-dimensional, distinct, and easy to remember. Hold each image in your short term memory for 5-20 seconds so that it passes into your permanent memory. Pronounce the keywords that are associated with the semantic blocks, and in your imagination will appear the required image with all the details.

Unite all the semantic blocks into one general picture or into one dynamic, gripping film. Hold this picture for 5-20 seconds in order to reinforce the relationships between the blocks. It is Important to cover the whole picture with one glance.


Speed reading tips

Careful Reading. Return to the task and read everything that you have just pre-read. When you are assigned an entire book, break it up into manageable chapters; each of which you can read in one sitting. Whilst reading, be conscious of the fact that you have to spur yourself on to read quickly, but at the same time retaining understanding.

Use textual marks to help retain information. Read with a pencil in hand. Underlining is too slow for most material, so underline only those items to be memorized. Use marginal checks to make a note of important short passages. Use a combination of checks and brackets to mark longer passages.

Circle the names, dates and words which are the keys to a paragraph. You can even write notes in the margin to gain a more complete understanding. Remember though that all textual marks slow your reading speed. In order to justify using them, they must improve your comprehension. They are as dangerous when overused as when underused.

Use our speed reading software for developing your reading skills.


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