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Mnemonics can be defined as "a technique of improving the efficiency of the memory". It sometimes means "a system to develop or improve the memory", implying a specific set of routines to achieve this improvement, but the first and wider definition is the one used here.

How to memorize?

  • Have act out a multiplication fact story.
  • Draw a multiplication fact story picture with glue, and then sprinkle colored glitter on it.
  • Use colored pencils to illustrate a multiplication fact story.
  • Use crayons to illustrate a multiplication fact story.
  • Use finger paints to illustrate a multiplication fact story.
  • Have draw the characters from a multiplication fact story on a deflated balloon with fine point permanent markers. b
  • Have the students design a banner for each multiplication fact. Each banner should include the fact and the picture. Display them around the room.
  • Have compile the artwork or fact charts into a multiplication fact book.
  • Have sculpt clay models of the objects and characters used to remember a multiplication fact story.
  • Have color the multiplication coloring pages and organize them into a coloring book.
  • Use graph paper to design a cross number puzzle using the multiplication facts. (A cross number puzzle is a crossword puzzle with numbers instead of words.) b
  • Have use chalk to illustrate a multiplication fact story.
  • Design a mobile using the pictures from the multiplication fact stories.
  • Divide a large bulletin board into many smaller bulletin boards. As you add new multiplication facts, display the studentsí drawings on the sections of the bulletin board.
  • Create a giant mural of the multiplication fact stories.


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Eidetic memory (Photographic memory) found in 5% children. These children can remember an entire page of writing in an unfamiliar language after only seeing it for a short period of time. Only a few have eidetic memory in adulthood.




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