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Learn About Various Guitar Music Styles, Including; Rock, Country, Blues and Christian Music.

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Guitar music is available in a wide variety of styles.

Not only are there a large number of different types of guitars, but there are a variety of methods to play them, making guitar music most versatile. Most guitar music is played on either a solid body electric or an acoustic dreadnought, but there are also specialty guitars, such as 12-string guitars with their lovely ringing sound.

Most popular music styles also rely heavily on guitar music. Country music has traditionally been played on an acoustic guitar, but in recent years country has employed more rock-style electric guitar music.

Rock music got it`s start with electric guitars, but has featured occasional acoustic music from time to time. Jazz music can certainly be done without using guitar music, but the guitarist is usually an important part of a jazz combo, usually playing an electric guitar.

Blues music, an off shoot from jazz, can be played on either an acoustic or an electric guitar. In addition, all types benefit from a driving bass guitar added to the mix.

Guitar music is an important part of the ethnic music of many parts of the world.

From the strumming cowboy beside the chuck wagon to the flat-picking hillbilly to the young girl singing folk songs, guitar music is integral to the American culture. But it is also found in the Philippines, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and even in the Celtic folk music of the British Isles.

In fact, the guitar as we know it today is probably more the product of the Spaniards and their native music than from any other cultural group. The portability of the guitar and the ease in which it can be learned makes it the most popular musical instrument in the world.

Classical music has been written for the guitar for years. A quiet recording of classical guitar music makes a nice mood setter for a quiet get together with friends. Look for the Baroque works of Bach and others adapted for guitar, or find music written specifically for the guitar and played

Instead of a classical sound as mood music for a small party, you could put on a compact disc of instrumental bluegrass guitar music for an earthy country feel that goes well with country decor and natural food. In the same way, a CD of stylin` jazz guitar music fits into the urban scene.

You can find all sorts of guitar music online, but downloading any music from music sharing sites is a bad idea, since some music sharers are being arrested for copyright violations. If money is a problem, look for the music you want at second-hand sites or discount price outlets.

Another alternative is to brush up on your own guitar playing skills and make your very own special brand of guitar music. You`ll find that Internet resources abound for learning how to play guitar with online guitar lessons.

The Vines Winning Days - A Sultry Singer, A Fiery Guitar Hero, And Rock`s Real Deal - Brief Article - Sound Recording Review

Interview , March, 2004 by Milena Selkirk


With the success of the Vines` debut, Highly Evolved (2002), the Australian quartet`s front man, Craig Nicholls, garnered more notoriety for his public tantrums than for his innovative songwriting. This schizophrenic follow-up should do nothing but add to the mental intrigue. Winning Days sounds, in fact, as if it were made by two bands. The slower songs, like "TV Pro" and "Autumn Shade," shine with delectable minor harmonies and a sunny, summer ambiance (complete with chirping cicadas and wind chimes), but the rowdy rockers--"Ride," "Evil Town"--heavy with distorted choruses, whining, and garbled words, rattle like manic-depressive Nirvana knockoffs.

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